Fall prevention is one of the most important aspects of a senior’s life once they reach a certain age; in fact, 1 in 4 seniors age 65 and older suffer a fall over the course of a given year, making falls the leading cause of fatal injury and nonfatal trauma for individuals in that age group. There are many causes from mobility issues to homes that haven’t been properly modified for senior living, and fortunately, there are just as many solutions when it comes to preventing falls.


One of the biggest ones is exercise. Not only does regular exercise help keep you healthy and fit, it can boost your balance, strength, and stability, helping to prevent accidents and falls from occurring no matter what your age. The benefits are limitless, as daily workouts can also help you get a better quality of sleep, prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack and keep you feeling active and vital. 


Keep reading for more information on which workouts to try and how exercise can help you stay healthy.




Yoga is a wonderful workout for people of any age simply because it can be adapted to most needs, can be done almost anywhere, and can be changed here or there to ensure comfort and safety. For instance, many seniors practice yoga with a chair or in the water, which allows them better balance as they get used to the poses. It’s also an exercise that combines movement with mindfulness, which is great for a mental health boost because it allows you to focus on the present without anxiety. 


A home gym


Creating a home gym means you can work on your balance and strength from the comfort of your own basement or living room. With simple tools such as a yoga mat, stability ball and dumbbells, you can create a workout routine that will help you stay active and get fit.


You can also look for indoor workouts at other locations such as swimming, taking an exercise class or walking in the mall. This is perfect for when the weather is bad or when you want to socialize while you get active. 




It can be easy to accumulate a lot of belongings, especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, but it’s important to make sure there’s no clutter sitting around as it can be a dangerous tripping hazard, especially during a workout. Remove anything from the floor that doesn’t have to be there, get organized with baskets for magazines and other small items, and remove throw rugs that can bunch up and cause a fall. 


Focus specifically on balance and coordination


It often takes practice to get good at balance and coordination, so check out these simple exercises that will help you build up those skills. These will not only help prevent falls, they’ll also allow you to perform everyday activities such as gardening, cleaning and even showering safely and without fear of injury.


Preventing falls can be a challenge, especially if you have a big house that needs a little modification work. Look for hazards around your home, and talk to your spouse or partner about the best ways to stay safe and active at the same time.